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Afternoon Tea

Extravagant and elegant, afternoon tea at Dylan is extra special. 

Settle into the light-filled Dylan Bar or intimate Ruby Room and surrender to an indulgent afternoon feast. Our signature Tipsy Tea includes finger sandwiches, scones and delicate pastries served alongside delicious desserts gently infused with alcoholic favourites like Bailey’s and Champagne. Created daily by our talented pastry chefs, and served in immense luxury by our wonderful team, afternoon tea at the Dylan will make any afternoon unforgettable.

Served with endless pots of organic tea or Cabo Verde coffees, why not elevate your experience and pair your Tipsy Tea with one of Dylan’s signature cocktails or a classic glass of bubbles? Frivolous and fashionable, however you take yours, afternoon tea at the Dylan is a decadent delight.

Tipsy Tea is €45 per person, or €70 per person with two cocktails.


Opening Hours

Available from 1pm-5pm daily 

Must be booked 24 hours prior to arrival. 

Afternoon Tea

Selection of Royal Sandwiches

Dylan Signature Irish Smoked Salmon

Cucumber Cream Cheese, Capers, Fennel, Brown Bread

Limerick Baked Ham & Aged Cheddar

Mustard Aioli

Slow Roasted Chicken Fillet Finger Sandwich

Truffle Dressing

Duck Liver Parfait

Homemade Brioche, Cranberry Compote

Freshly Baked Scones

Vanilla Scented Scones with Sultanas

Vanilla Cream, Strawberries & Preserves

Organic Teas & Infusions

Earl Grey

This classic tea combines the sweet, spicy strength and the fresh, fruity note of the bergamot

Irish Breakfast

A wonderful, strong and reviving tea that’s full of character. Its refreshing combination of citrus and malty notes make it a perfect tea to be enjoyed throughout the day

Ceylon Black Decaf Tea

Classic black aromatic, medium-bodied tea with a sweet citrus note

Yunnan Green Tea

Leaves from the high-altitude tea gardens In Yunnan province, China, yield a mild, fruity freshness with a sweet after-taste

Mint & Lemon Verbena

The wonderfully sweet & fragrant lemon verbena is complimented perfectly by the crisp & cool flavour of peppermint

Gunpowder & Mango

A smooth-tasting Chinese green tea brightened with sweet tropical fruit and flowers. The result is an exotic explosion of unique flavours unlike any other tea

Blood Orange Infusion

Blend of organic citrus from Europe, Africa and South America produce an enlivening tea with a sweet, slightly lemon after-taste

Wild Berry Infusion

Fruity blend of fresh berries and flower petals combine to deliver a rich flavour, intoxicating aroma and revitalising tea

African Rooibos

A dazzling blend of the best Rooibos from South Africa with hints of passion fruit, mango and orange. An exceptional satisfying and refreshing taste

Camomile Infusion

A well-balanced and subtle blend of fruit, herbs and petals.

Coffees & Chocolates


Rich shot of espresso and Cacao Barry chocolate in hot milk steamed milk, and thick milk foam

Cabo Verdean Brewed Coffee

Contains all of the characteristics of a heavy coffee but the cup reveals a much brighter flavour profile containing an acidity of red grapefruit that is balanced by notes of cashew nuts with a milk chocolate finish

Espresso / Americano

Latte / Cappuccino / Double Espresso / Macchiato / Hot Chocolate

Alternative Milk Coffee

Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Oat Milk, Soya Milk

Pot of Tea
€4.00 (small) / 6.00 (large)

Liquor Coffees & Hot Alcohol

Irish Coffee

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Baileys Coffee

Bailey’s Irish Cream

Irish Hot Whiskey

Teeling Small Batch

French Coffee

Hennessy VS

Calypso Coffee

Tia Maria

Hot Port

Royal Oporto, Ruby

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